PechaKucha Night – Adelaide Volume #4. ‘City Rhythms’ in collaboration with the IDC

PechaKucha – Adelaide Volume #4 – City RhythmsEvent Hash Tag #PKN4
In collaboration with the Integrated Design Commission‘s 5000+The Collaborative Cities Exhibition

TICKETS $15 ->
Bar and light food catering available
DATE: Friday 19th October – Two #Adelaide events for the price of one!

VENUE: Tuxedo Cat – Doors open at 19:00 – Presentations kick-off at 20:20

With MC Trent Blucher & the smooth tunes of DJ Mo Cash, presenters including sustainable city theorist and activist, ecological architect Dr. Paul Downton; SA Designer, Architect and Furniture Manufacturer, Simon Modra; The JamFactory‘s Tom Miram and Tom Moore; Woodhead Architect, Holly Whyatt; Mulloway Studio , Anthony Coup  & Esther Chew; EcoJam‘s, John Baxter, Director of AIESEC (University of Adelaide), Jemma Schilling and Andrew Le with a crew of five (5), will smash out fun, quirky presentations around the theme: City Rhythms. In true 20×20 Pecha style – Each presenter will show 20 images x 20 seconds, advancing automatically, totaling 6 mins 40 seconds before the next presenter is up!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fast-paced, entertaining and brilliant networking – Don’t miss out on limited tix for this special FRIDAY night edition of Pecha in collaboration with 5000+ – It’s set to be a kicker!

Special Auction
“The Seed Pod of Life” Sculpture valued at $2,400 – Kindly donated by James Worth & Dylan Harris of Greenstar Design Studio, will be auctioned at Pecha #4, with profits donated to Architecture for Humanity building a more sustainable future using design and a global network of building professionals, to bring design, construction and development services to communities in need.

“The seed Pod of Life”
“The Seed Pod of Life” derives from the tree of life. The dormant pod contains the knowledge of our ancestry. In an evolutionary world of survivalism; it is the seed that adapts to the increasingly harsh environs and shall create new life. If you would like “The Seed Pod of Life” in your office foyer, garden or home, be sure to place your bid at PechaKucha Night – Adelaide volume #4 ‘City Rhythms’ on Friday night.

The Award-winning Seed Pod of Life

With thanks to James and Dylan’s generosity, “The Seed Pod of Life”, will be auctioned at PechaKucha Night – Adelaide Volume #4 ‘City Rhythms’, with profits donated to Architects for Humanity.

Lanscape Architec & Sculptor: James Worth - Greenstar Design Studio
Co-sculptor of the award-winning”The Seed Pod of Life”.

The Collaborative City Exhibition: an exhibition that highlights the culmination of work developing the Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide.

The Collaborative City Exhibition

Viewing the Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide

An exhibition of work that a large portion of Adelaide residents and thinkers have participated in creating together! – Event Hastag #collabcity5000

The work in this exhibition is about improving people’s daily lives, improving processes and improving our urban networks as a whole.

This is YOUR CHANCE to see what the 5000+ team have been up to, engage with the team and catch your first, or another PechaKucha Night at the fabulous and truly atmospheric space that is The Tuxedo Cat.

With light snacks available from The Pigeon Island Cafe, the usual fab door prizes, artwork by Scream Creative‘s Samantha Tipler on display and Magicians roaming the crowd, #PKN4 is set to be a whole lot of great networking, thinking and drinking fun!

Thank you to Steve Hall of the Pecha Media Team, who Livestreams and films our events.

PechaKucha Night – NON-Profit events held in 560+ cities across the globe!
PechaKucha Nights are TOTALLY not-for profit local events held in more than 560+ cities across the world, forming a global network of like-minded designers and creatives from all disciplines. PechaKucha Night‘s are all about ‘uncovering the unexpected’, networking and having fun!

Ticket sales cover the costs of equipment only – Speakers and volunteers who put on and speak at the events do so due to their passion and commitment to Design, Creativity and the Adelaide community; they are not permitted to accept payment of any kind – Your ticket purchases simply help us to hire the equipment that enables us to share Adelaide’s creativity and people with you. Any profits are donated to Architects for Humanity. Stay connected on the Pecha Adelaide Facebook page  or the groups on Facebook and Linkedin if you’d like to present and for details about collaborative projects that happen as a result of our networking and upcoming events!

Questions?  – Contact Anna at

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16 + Presenters launch PechaKucha Night – Adelaide | Volume #1. | October 5th | Gallery on Waymouth | 6:30 pm

PechaKucha – Adelaide set to launch on the roof-top bar + 2nd story of the super-slick, Gallery on Waymouth on Wednesday October 5th | 6:30pm > Late …

Greeted with smooth tunes from TheContinental DJ  [Interior Designer; Andrew Wallace], a tasty Tapa’s menu to satisfy all cravings and 3 bars to choose from, we’ll be there from 6:30pm to soak up the atmosphere. Network, relax and pick your spot for the launch of Adelaide’s PechaKucha Night events, as we join the global Pecha community now happening in more than 445 cities across the world!

Uncovering the Unexpected over two spectacular levels PechaKucha Night – Adelaide,
has a huge line-up of 16+ talented local creatives with passions from diverse disciplines + interests to kick off the launch!

Sharing starts at about 7:30 from the roof-top +  the second level gallery from around 7:30pm > after the sun goes down and we’ve all had a few drinks and laughs to loosen up!

What should I expect? While we haven’t heard if people will be presenting in costume like the guys below, the line up includes; Architects, Interior Designers, a Sculptor, Artists,  an Anthropologist, a Social Innovator, a Media + Culture expert, a Health Science Researcher, a Furniture and Portable Housing Designer, an expert in Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Photographers, a  Software Developer, an Editor and an Adventurer/Surfing Judge! Presenters will be sharing everything from a
behind-the-scene’s view of Adelaide’s print media to High-End Toy Design, intricate CNC Metal sculpture, Photography, modern furniture and housing innovations and life-lessons!

With a fantastic Bar and Tapa’s menu, relax and enjoy the presentations, with $5 Sparkling White, $6 pints of Hahn Super Dry and music/DJ’s all night! Networking at the infamous ‘Beer Break’ and before and after the show, gives you the chance to kick-back, enjoy the music, make some new friends and ask presenters more about what they do.

Once you see how easy it is, you might even be inspired to register for presenting at Volume #2. or give us some feedback about what you liked and how we can improve.

With NO DOOR CHARGE, Gold Coin Donations (or more if you’re feeling generous)
are appreciated and go towards putting on the events; sound equipment, posters, fliers etc As PechaKucha Nights are non-profit events organisers and presenters do not receive payment we do it because we we want to share and because we love it!

The Gallery on Waymouth has a limited capacitymake sure that you and your friends are part of the ‘chit-chat’ – don’t miss out! – Bookings essential.

Secure your tickets/name on the Guest List- email Anna at with “B” in the subject heading and ONE WORD that describes what you are most looking forward to about the PechaKucha – Adelaide launch!

Head to the global website to register for the newsletter and stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Excited and can’t wait to meet you all!
[City Organiser | Anna Scott |]


Vol # 1. Presenters

Craeg Bennett [Title: Art in CNC steel profiles] – Artist, Designer and generally Incorrigible ratbag – SunGun Studios
Regan Forrest [Title: Planning for People] – PHD: “Design Factors in the Museum Visitor Experierience
Stuart Autsin [Title: Incidentally Erratic] –  Student: University of Adelaide (Masters of Computing and Innovation
Andrew Wallace [Title: TBC] – Andrew’s Bio: Interior Designer (Adelaide, Sydney and London) from small consumer products to devopment
Wendy Fantasia [Title: TBC] – Body Painter extraordinaire
Hing-Wah Kwok (HW) [Title: TBC] –  Project Manager and Lead Designer at Defence Science and Technology and Blogger for RocketSmash
Dr. Michael J. Wilmore [Title: TBC] – Anthropologist: Social and global media, Head of Media at the University of Adelaide
Shane Haddy: Industrial Designer/Designer Toy Designer/Industrial Design Lecturer: Uni SA/Owner of Hints and Spices
Tamrah Petruzelli: Advertising Executive & FORM Coordinator at The Adelaide Review
Daniel Fighera: Park(ing) Day organiser and Architect: Swanbury Penglasee
Dr. Allan O’Connor [Title: TBA] –  Academic Director: Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), Adelaide University
Eugene Blackman [Title: TBA] – Photographer
Michael Kubler [Title: TBA] – Founder Zeitgeist SA Chapter/MD Flims on the Fly
Simon Modra [Title: TBA] – Furniture Designer/Interior Designer/Architect – Former Q-Bar Owner: Syd/Melb/Adel
Dimas Menelau [Title: TBA] – Brazilian born: Electrical Designer/Adventurer/ Long-board rider, Photgrapher/Surfer + NZ surfing Judge
Chika Anyanwu: Senior Media Lecturer, University of Adelaide, Mass Communications Specialist, Leadership and Digital Storytelling expert
Peter Lekkas [Title: TBA] – Health Sciences Research Assistant, University of South Australia
Jason Vandepeer: Photographer + Owner of photography studio,  SeeminglySane

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Finding Images for your Pecha Kucha Presentation

The PechaKucha format relies on 20 images for 20 seconds but if you’re like me, it was hard to not only find the right images at decent resolution but also ones which didn’t break copyright. To be able to use pictures found on image sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa you need to make sure that these images are released under a creative commons licence. There are a couple of sites that can help you out.

(Note that this was taken from Dave Foord’s blog post at

The first site is Xpert ( This site is maintained by the University of Nottingham and any picture downloaded through this search will apply the appropriate attribution. For example:

You can see that Xpert puts the creative commons licence agreement and the photographer (in this case Emma Williamson) below each of the photos that you download.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can also try CompFight ( This site searches photos in Flickr, but it’s up to you to ensure that you’ve put the correct attribution when you use this picture.

Otherwise you can also use Google Image Search ( or Bing Image Search (, however the licensing agreements might be harder to find for these images.

Of course, if you’re using your own images, no problem! Just be sure to forward them to us at the right size and resolution: 300Dpi, 1024 x 768 px [landscape] and under 450 KB each [already compressed]  – Remember – you can still get your application to present for the launch (open until mid September now) –  Just email us for an application, select your images, get them in the order you want them [numbered] and send them them to us!

You can work out what you’re going to say over the next month!

Feel free to comment or send me an email ATT: HW to if you’re having trouble finding the right image and I’ll see what I can do trying to locate the image that you’re looking for.

(PKN-A Blogger: Hing-Wah – AKA ‘HW’)

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Welcome to Pecha Kucha Nights Adelaide!

Welcome to Pecha_Kucha_Adelaide blog-spot | where you’ll find tips about presenting Pecha-style; what seems to work and what doesn’t and why its doesn’t matter either way!!

OK – first things first – in an attempt to put and end to the ongoing debate about how to say Pecha Kucha (Pech-uh-ku-cha) – the Japanese word for the sound of ‘Chit-Chat’ – here its is folks ! |  From the Japanese, by the Japansese!

Pechs Global pics

In action in 400+ cities across the globe!

Pecha’s informal networking and idea’s sharing events are here to do just that ; share ideas and network and have fun! Pecha Kucha Nights build local creative communities, link education with industry, industry with local talent, provide opportunities for collaboration, identify and showcase innovation and connect people with the world-wide creative community!

Need Evidence? check out British Designer Anthony Dickens’ presentation while on holidays in Tokyo.

It’s a little bit weird…,in Tokyo

It's a little bit wierd.., in TokyoFrom his website (2011), “During a trip to Japan I was asked the day before the event to give a Pecha Kucha presentation at their Tokyo club SuperDeluxe.

The Pecha Kucha format consists of 20 slides where each slide is changed after only 20 seconds.

A nightclub is quite a lively place to give a talk and needless to say the generous servings of vodka & tonic helped fuel quite a lively presentation…” (2009).

Click on the image to view Dickens’ excitable and at times, breathless presentation  (slides move on automatically at Pecha, which can be a tad hectic!) . Pecha Kucha Global coined Dicken’s presentation as a ‘…classic PechaKucha presentation…’, which probably gives you some idea of what Pecha’s about | Pecha Global goes on to say  “…Dickens ‘gives us an insight into the weird things that inspire him… driven by a desire to create simple yet functionally innovative and thought-provoking objects. He discovers new ways to express traditionally designed objects, subverting archetypal forms and re-imagining the everyday things that surround us. Exampled by a clock that expresses time in a more natural and representative way by displaying it in a linear fashion rather than a circular motion…”

Before you ask ‘Is Pecha Like TED or TEDx?’, Pecha Kucha Global says that while its a ‘…very nice complement [it’s] not quite right! TED is brilliant but very different to Pecha Kucha. TED is top down, PechaKucha is bottom up!’

The Global Pecha Kucha site highlights the Grass-roots nature of Pecha pointing out that ‘Anyone can present – this is the beauty of PechaKucha Nights. Astrid’s daughter presented when she was 5 (about her artwork ;- ) and Mark’s mother presented when she was 69 (about her elaborate wedding cake creations)’ (, 2011) .

Pecha is for everyone! – just because it started as a designers forum, doesn’t mean it stayed there! – With over 400+ cities now hosting Pecha Kucha Nights, presentations have branched out to include passions and hobbies like bizarre image collections of decorated cars, social commentary and life dreams, a slather of which can be found at the global site. Pecha gives people the chance to distill and communicate ideas into digestible chunks to gain audience or simply indulge in a bit a of mic-ed up creative splurge that isn’t Karaoke!

In our fast-paced, globally competitive environment, Pecha provides live, interactive ‘gallery-spaces’ to connect face-to-face and work-shop ideas (out loud), gain some peer feedback outside of the usual audience, while making new friends and seeing what everyone else is up to! Pecha’s also have access to the global community and in our case, a fully hosted and integrated local social media platform where we can chat and share with each other!

There are of ways to connect | For those who are currently doing the ol’ stalk ‘n’ talk later routine, we’ve all done it! We know you’re there *wry smile* | Some stats to help you know, you’re not alone | Our community is predominantly 25-44 yrs, with a pretty even gender split, we have 100+ weekly, 2,700+ monthly facebook users and have recorded 12,300+ post views in the last month! –  we and everyone else wants to hear from you!! | Take the plunge and start your Glocal journey with Pecha!

Dip your toes in | Why not Private Message (PM) on Facebook or Direct Message (DM) on Twitter [For those 40+ who might not understand PM + DM + other Social Media Acronyms (click)], or simply post to the sites you are most comfortable on – perhaps start with an image you like, a link to your blog, some photo’s you’ve taken, some tips that other Pecha’s might find handy, or an article that blows your hair back!

Here’s the links – pop-out from the cyber-shadows 🙂
Google +

If you need more reasons we’d also like to hear from you so we can come to you , see what you’re up to, or perhaps check out something that you think is pretty cool; photograph it  and blog it here!

It’s here that we can all get to know each other, our passions, lives, loves, work and play |  We catch-up at events with limited awkward pauses | just a sense of community and excited anticipation!

See you ’round soon Pecha’s | with some hot tips to get you started!

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